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Activities And leisure

activité en famille

Family activities Little Adventurers

More than 80 playful activities and visits to discover, enjoy and share with family.

This concept of « Aventures Mômes en Bourgogne du Sud » (Adventures Mômes in South Burgundy) was specially designed for children aged 4 to 14 years around unusual tours, fun museums, fun castles, outdoor adventure or 4 wheels and old.

A complete brochure presenting activities to space tourist information of the campsite.

  • DIVERTI'PARC in Toulon sur Arroux (60 min): Nature leisure park
  • THE DONKEYS OF FRANCIS at Tramayes (15 min): Shared pleasure in marching in the donkey. Discover the trails of Upper Cluny, of Upper Burgundy, the rhythm of Francis donkeys
  • ADVENTURE IN THE FOREST at Bergessin (10 min): Acro’Bath Nature Leisure Park! Relax, you’re in the woods!
  • TOUROPARC at Romanèche-Thorins (45 min): Zoo and leisure. Traverse five continents in one day! This is the challenge that offers you Touroparc!
  • Hamlet DUBOEUF at Romanèche-Thorins (45 min): The site UNIQUE IN EUROPE. Whether you are with family or friends, expert or novice, the Hameau Duboeuf invites you into a magical world dedicated to vines and wine!
  • TELESKI NAUTICAL at Crèches sur Saône (30 min) On Lake Creches sur Saone . The team accompanies you in the Lake discovery and water skiing, wakeboarding, skate and wake kneeboard.
  • GEOCACHING: A hobby that is to use the technique of geo-positioning satellite (GPS) to search for treasure (called « cache » or « cache »).
  • Fishing pond and river Ponds offer the opportunity to fish after buying a card at some retailers:
  • GREEN AND BLUE WAY WAY: 221 km of Greenways appointed on old railroad tracks and along towpaths, 54 km from Blue Way along the Saône. The Greenways are safe cycle paths and open to any non-motorized traffic.
nature et decouverte vergissonss Nature & new experiences

In the valleys, pastures Just above the vineyards.

On the heights, are extensive areas with a clean vegetation region, Teppe, a sort of grassy tundra dotted with bushes and hedgerows, with a dense network of sources and streams.
Each panorama is a new discovery and a renewed wonder.

It is a single and multiple Burgundy, discover these many facets.

Solutré and Vergisson: Classified site protected largest site in France. Superb limestone escarpment characteristic profile emerging from the vineyards of Macon. Its summit is a landscape of breathtaking view awaits you.
This site is famous in the field of prehistory. It was here that was identified for the first time a stone tool designated therefore Solutrean (18,000 to 15,000 years BC).
Dominated by the famous Solutré, real rocky outcrop in the middle of a vineyard with famous wines, this unique place is frequented by humans for over 57,000 years.
Departmental Museum of Prehistory: buried at the foot of the rock, the museum evokes successively prehistoric archeology South Mâcon, horses and hunts the Upper Paleolithic in Solutré and, finally Solutrean in the European context.
At the top, you will have an impressive view of all the vineyards of the Mâcon.
The other points of view unavoidable near the campsite:
Bute Suin (Charolles between Cluny – 10 min): A trail leads to the statue of the Virgin (593 m), where there is a viewpoint. From there unfolds a magnificent circular panorama.
Mother Case (Tramayes – 20 min): Open landscape (758 m) over the Beaujolais and Mâconnais mountains
Mont Saint Cyr (Montmelard – 10 minutes): the highest summit of Southern Burgundy (771 m)

culture et patrimoine

Culture And heritage

Splendor castles

Southern Burgundy has more than 189 castles from feudal fortresses, Renaissance castles, castle of the century mansions of the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Country of art and history, the cradle of Roman art

Burgundy was born two largest monastic reform movements of the Middle Ages from a spiritual point of view but also intellectual, artistic and even political influence throughout Europe.
You will discover a rich heritage, a witness to all artistic eras with these multiple Cistercian or Benedictine monasteries, Hotel Dieu and apothecaries.
Near the campsite, you will encounter an abundance of Romanesque churches of Cluny style nestled in villages of character.

Country loan of spirituality

Burgundy were born two great currents that marked the religious history of Europe: the Benedictine and Cistercian orders.

  • Buddhists have their flagship France with miles Buddhas Temple.
  • Progress on the road to Earth Santiago de Compostela
  • TAIZE (30mn): This charming village perched on the hills of the Grosne welcomes tens of thousands of young people from around the world came in the summer praying in a fraternal spirit.

Arts and crafts

Southern Burgundy, a breeding ground for crafts! Impressive in number, these professionals demonstrate expertise and unparalleled creativity. Talented, they have mastered the art of working the material and the sublime, the taste of craftsmanship in every detail.
Open the doors of workshops, cross the threshold of galleries, shops, walk exhibitions and discover the world of craftsmen

tourisme fluviale Rivers

Fluvial Tourism

You may feel like:

  • Hiring a licence-free boat or riverboat
  • Going on a guided walk (approx. 1.5 hours)
  • Enjoying a gourmet walk or exploration day

Mix it up by hopping on a bike to explore the towpath and greenway along safe routes far from the traffic.
At the campsite’s information desk, you can find all the information you need to create a unique plan for exploring Burgundy’s outstanding natural and cultural heritage.

Fabienne and Philippe’s ideas for outings:

From the campsite, you can head to Digoin to discover the bridge over the canal and float through a lock while sitting comfortably on a boat. You can also enjoy a sightseeing or lunch cruise.
Information and bookings at campsite reception.
Or perhaps you prefer a more energetic canoe trip?
In Baugy, the Arganoe association can take you on a half- or full-day trip down the River Loire with family and friends.